The Calfornia Aggie get’s Boot Camp all wrong!

April 18, 2006 Christopher 4

Recently I read this article over at The California Aggie Online regarding Boot Camp, the Mac OS X program that allows you to install Windows XP on your Apple computer. In the article the author – Venkat Pullena – makes several assertions about Boot Camp […]

Why get a Mac

April 16, 2006 Christopher 0

The more I use my iBook G4 the more I believe I fall in love with Apple computers. I recently realized my own love for their products when a couple of people, my own girlfriend included, said they were thinking of getting a new computer. […]

Dowloading works … just ask Gnarles Barkley

April 3, 2006 Christopher 4

Legal downloading of songs from services like Apple’s iTunes, the rethought Napster and offers from the various music industry players are quickly becoming the standard by which the latest music is being distributed. To many music listeners, and artists, providing a MP3 version of a […]