Don’t do it alone, get a coach.

May 23, 2016 Christopher 0

As an assistant coach in Dartmouth over the past 3 seasons I’ve had the opportunity to work for the Nova Scotia Lifeguard Service between competitive seasons. For the majority of athletes I coach in that 11-15 years of age range their season would end near […]

The Rhythm of Training

May 1, 2016 Christopher 0

You do not need to be a musician or a DJ at local radio station to have an appreciation for music and its benefits if you go play at while at break. To understand the varied tempos and energies that they inspire, no you […]

Why I am not doing Movember!

October 31, 2011 Christopher 0

For a few years now a popular movement among men is to grow their mustaches during the month of November for Prostate Cancer Awareness. Like just about every cancer awareness campaign it is a very worthy cause but this year I am opting out and […]

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