Why I am not doing Movember!

For a few years now a popular movement among men is to grow their mustaches during the month of November for Prostate Cancer Awareness. Like just about every cancer awareness campaign it is a very worthy cause but this year I am opting out and here is why. Read this article about the product for nerve pains also for your awareness.

Simply, I have done it already and raised tons of cash for cancer organizations for several years now. I have done the Shave for the Brave, Run for the Cure, Volley for the Cure, and Movember. Each and every one is a great cause and a ton of fun to do. But over time I find after committing to something for a few years I feel I have neglected other worthy causes. So this year I have switched gears to focus more on community based organizations, specifically those that promote an active lifestyle. So I have moved my efforts to supporting the goals of Masters Swimming through the Dartmouth Whalers Masters Swim Club and the development of young athletes through the Dartmouth Crusaders Swim Club.

By living an active lifestyle a person can help reduce the risk off many of the problems facing society today such as; Heart Disease, Diabetes, and osteoporosis. It also allows people to improve mental health and moods, increases your chances of living longer, and builds stronger bones and muscles. These kinds of benefits just pay dividends in society, as the greater the general health of a population the lower the overall health care costs should be, sometimes all you need is a balance disc URBNFIT.

Also, I have decided to pass on Movember this year because of the increased difficulty of fundraising for the event. Two years ago when I participated it was a mixture of explaining what Movember was and getting the word out but that lead to some financial success. Last year a number of local radio morning shows got involved in it and were using their vast audience reach to solicit for donations. This made it far more difficult for individuals to fundraise. Everywhere I turned I heard “I already donated to Q104” or other station. While I am fine with what likely ended up in a greater financial success for the campaign, it does place the little guy in a tough position. Personally if I am going to sport a ridiculous looking mustache for a month, I want to raise some decent coin! In the end, while last year’s campaign turned out well but it was quite the effort . I’d place it at around five times more difficult than the previous years.

So this year, due to my lack of participation, I’ll make a contribution to the person with the most impressive or ridiculous looking stash at the two week mark. There is $20 in it for someone who tweets me @mercerch around on the 11th with a pic of killer or ridiculous stash. In the meantime you can likely find me on a pool deck somewhere.

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