Movember comes to an end.

December 1, 2010 Christopher 0

This year, as in previous years, I have participated in the annual Movember campaign. I wanted to share a little message I have sent to others at the end of the month regarding what have done together for a important cause. Movember, the month formerly […]

iPhone 4

August 1, 2010 Christopher 0

Friday I went out and managed to get one of the few iPhone 4’s that were shipped to Halifax. since I was in need of both a new phone and a new iPod, this was the perfect convergence of the two, plus I had recently […]

No facebook for you!

May 5, 2010 Christopher 0

Recently I heard of a company blocking Facebook, Hotmail, and quite possibly a few other sites from being access via the corporate network. This is not an uncommon theme in organizations. Even my own employer has restrictions on which sites are technically inaccessible and those […]

Guest post: Masters Swimming not just for masters

March 17, 2010 Christopher 0

I have recently had the opportunity to post a guest post over at Your Inner Skinny regarding one of my favorite fitness activities, swimming. Please go enjoy the post “Masters Swimming; swimming for everyone” and the many others over there. When you want professional web […]

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