Stop spam!

December 9, 2005 Christopher 1

Lately I have been getting a number of forwards from a young lady who knows a common friend of ours. I believe she got my email from mass mailing that he sent out and thus she has been sending almost daily jokes and forwards. Now […]

Some times an election is a good thing!

December 7, 2005 Christopher 0

Well if you have been watching recent event’s in Canada lately you know there is a federal election currently underway. While I do not really want to get in to the particulars of the who, when, where and why this election is happening only 17 […]

More site development

November 27, 2005 Christopher 1

I have been doing some more site development and added File, Wishlist and Gallery links to the Navagation menu. I’ll likely be adding more sections like a resume, contact information and a projects page, as this is a professional/personal site. Keep posted.

One in Four Article.

November 6, 2005 Christopher 0

I recently had the pleasure to be interviewed by the local student news paper about my involvement with the One In Four movement, other wise known as the Men’s Program. This program was designed in the United States as a men’s peer education group about […]

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