Canada should not bow to the RIAA/MPAA

February 13, 2008 Christopher 0

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the only individuals who will benefit from a Canadianized version of the DCMA will be organizations who hold the copy rights on their various products. In particular, the CRIA – the Canadian branch of the Recording Industry Association of […]

Open Courseware lacks Canadian participation

January 14, 2008 Christopher 0

Today’s article by Dr. Geist in the Toronto Star discusses the lack of participation of Canadian Universities in the Open Courseware initiative. Originally started by MIT – which, as Dr. Geist points out, offers about 1800 courses freely – has spawned into the Open Courseware […]

Open up the Canadian wireless networks!

December 6, 2007 Christopher 1

AT&T has announced that as of today it would start allowing any phone, device, or software from any maker on its network. That is right, as of today the third major wireless carrier in the US has opened their network to allow customers to use […]

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