Suing Google over your page rank

March 20, 2006 Christopher 3

I just read this story over on Basically the company, who’s website uses the tag “because kids don’t come with instructions”, is a parental support website targeted at what appears to be new parents. The site itself seems to be a portal to […]

New position starts

March 9, 2006 Christopher 0

Well yesterday, Tuesday, was the first day in my new position. From here on in, during my Tuesday shifts I will be working at the Computing and Communications Helpdesk supporting Memorial’s staff and faculty with computing issues. I will have more when my training is […]

Stroumboul what?

March 8, 2006 Christopher 0

So as most people know I am a news junkie. In fact I would love to work in the news industry some day, possibly as an on air personality maybe for this show!