Maintain a personal FAQ with FAQQLY

June 20, 2006 Christopher 1

One of the great things about the internet is its ability to build communities. There are hundreds of social networking sites out there from Orkut to HI 5. Many of them allow you to fill in profiles about your self to give people a general […]

Community Access Project

June 16, 2006 Christopher 3

Recently I applied for and was accepted for the Community Access Project Internship. The position is acting as the Community Access Project’s (CAP) summer student at a local public library. For me this translates in to a full time job for the duration of the […]

Hardware down, repeat hardware down

June 1, 2006 Christopher 0

If anyone has attempted to access this site in the past few days you may have noticed that it was down and out. The reason for this was that there was a major hardware fault at my hosting provider. As many of you know I […]