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One of the great things about the internet is its ability to build communities. There are hundreds of social networking sites out there from Orkut to HI 5. Many of them allow you to fill in profiles about your self to give people a general idea about who you are. Typically this information is your age, sex, location, status, etc. But what if you were allowed to ask the questions, instead of reading the answers to pre-chosen questions! Well this is where the website comes in. It is a social networking site that allows you, the user, to post the questions you want the answers too. Then I get to fill in the answer for anyone to read. Really it’s an ingenious concept and I have not seen it attempted before.

The idea is simple, you maintain a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about your self and people pose the questions to you. As Cali Lewis of Geek Brief TV pointed out, this is a chance to learn something about that friend you have known your whole life. Like maybe they are a wealth of information on some obscure topic. Either way I think this site has some awesome potential. Of course it is completely participatory, so you don’t have to answer a question just because it was asked. Though, I think the fun and challenge will be in trying to answer the really difficult questions.

Check out my FAQ here

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