Google Sued again…

July 7, 2006 Christopher 0

Well yet another company has attempted to sue Google. I had commented about this before and it was a ridiculous idea then. This time another site is suing Google over their less than spectacular page rank. So while Google may exhibit an unprecedented effect on […]

Net Neutrality (Part II)

July 6, 2006 Christopher 1

With the recent debates on Net Neutrality happening and the sub-debates of filtering, monitoring and prioritizing content one issue is being ignored. But it won’t be long till this particular debate raises its head again, and with some renewed vigor. We are talking about filtering […]

Canadian Net Neutrality

July 3, 2006 Christopher 0

Well finally, the beginnings of the Net Neutrality debate have started in Canada. This particular debate has been ongoing in the States for some months now and the battle is only just starting. From the Canadian perspective, many would believe that this has no real […]

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