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So Apple has made convincing moves towards being the company I believed it was setting its self up to be. That is a personal/home/mobile entertainment company not a computer company. Yesterday was the Keynote speech from Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs where the company announced AppleTV, iPhone, a new movie studio for the iTunes store, and the biggest indication of a move towards an entertainment company, the name change from Apple Computer to Apple Inc.

A quick recap of what was announced yesterday. Apple announced the AppleTV (formerly iTV) product. It supports wired or wireless streaming of high-def video from your computer to your TV. It also includes iTunes integration, remote, 40gig hard drive, HighDef connections, etc. This looks like the set top box that will move the content from your iTunes computer to your TV.

Also the iPhone was announced. Hopefully there will be no brand confusion between Apples iPhone and Cisco’s iPhone products. This iPod/Phone/PDA device includes Mac OS X, Multi-touch screen technology, 4 or 8 gig storage (like the Nano), GSM, Camera phone, Widescreen, etc.

Looks like interesting times are ahead for Apple, and for us gadget users. While I will not be adopting right away I am sure to get each of these products. Although, I think I’ll wait till the second hardware revision so they can work the kinks out of the first revision. The iPhone ships in June and the AppleTV in Feb.

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