Google Calendar not DST happy

March 11, 2007 Christopher 0

Logging in to my Google Calendar a few minutes ago to check on upcoming assignments, due dates and other projects I find that my classes have been moved from 11am to 12 noon. Knowing this is not correct I further investigated. I noticed everything has […]

Vagina is not a dirty word!

March 11, 2007 Christopher 0 is reporting that three high school girl have been suspended, not for fighting, not for vulgar use of language, not for being disruptive but for saying the word Vagina! At first you might be thinking “this is ridiculous, it is a harmless word” but […]

Game Theory proves need for Net Neutrality

March 11, 2007 Christopher 1

It is nice to see some work come out about network neutrality that helps support the pro side of the debate. To recap the debate quickly, network neutrality is a concept that states all information on the Internet is treated equally by the network providers […]

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