Site Redesign.

Soon I will be moving this site from it’s current hosting at Memorial University to a paid hosting solution. The need for the move has many reasons but chiefly among them is the fact that the URL hosting provided to me by Memorial is not guaranteed. That is to say it is not an official service of the school and is only being done for me as a favor as a former student staff member. I am very thankful for the support the Computer Science department has given me with hosting this site but I also do not want to get anyone in trouble because they are hosting this for me.

Since I will soon be relocating the blog I might as well open it up to a total visual redesign. So I am calling on any graphic artists or web designers who are interested to let me know if they are interested in doing the redesign. I can pay, not much, but I am willing to part with a few dollars for the service. What I am looking for is simple but must fit these basic requirements

  • Must be a Word Press template
  • Must be a clean design that is easy on the eyes
  • Must not contain any copyrighted images that would require some kind of payment or fees

What I will do:

  • Pay you an agreed rate for the work
  • Credit, recommend, and link to your site for the work
  • You would be free to use my site as an example of your work for future contracts/employment

Any challengers? Just sent me a note via my contact info (on the contact page should you not know it) with a proposal.

Many thanks in advance.

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