No facebook for you!

May 5, 2010 Christopher 0

Recently I heard of a company blocking Facebook, Hotmail, and quite possibly a few other sites from being access via the corporate network. This is not an uncommon theme in organizations. Even my own employer has restrictions on which sites are technically inaccessible and those […]

Guest post: Masters Swimming not just for masters

March 17, 2010 Christopher 0

I have recently had the opportunity to post a guest post over at Your Inner Skinny regarding one of my favorite fitness activities, swimming. Please go enjoy the post “Masters Swimming; swimming for everyone” and the many others over there. When you want professional web […]

3D HDTV may not have consumer depth yet.

January 6, 2010 Christopher 0

With the Consumer Electronic Show right around the corner – Tomorrow Jan 7th – there is a lot of talk that 3D HDTV’s for the consumer will be the next big thing in home entertainment. In fact there is quite a bit of speculation that […]

Kindle fails to wow in Canadian launch.

November 17, 2009 Christopher 6

Last week I wrote a piece about how the local newspaper industry could evolve by adopting technology like the Amazon Kindle eReader to deliver their subscriptions. I went further than to suggest that people be able to buy the Kindle via a subscription model like […]

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