Is Apple moving too fast?

Well we have all heard the announcements! We have all seen the new products, but is Apple moving too fast? And where is Apple going?

As many people already know Apple just recently announced the 3 new products at its event on October 12, 2005. The Cupertino California company has been hot this past year with both its iPod product line and its line of notebook computers. The company, who’s value has jumped from around $22 USD to $54 USD in one year, has been one of the most successful stories out of the technology industry since the dot com bubble burst in the late 1990’s.

With the release of a new iMac G5, iTunes 6 and a video enabled iPod only 35 days after the release of the mini replacement, the iPod nano, and not even 6 months after merging the iPod and iPhoto lines. Apple has positioned it’s self as a cutting edge company who releases a new product almost every quarter. Although this may not bode well for the company in the end. By releasing such advancements in the product lines so fast, certain customers may shy away from apple because of looming new, better, products from the innovative company. Recent buyers of the iMac G5 were disappointed that when they purchased iSight on top of the iMac they were paying more than they would if they had waited a week or a few days for the new iMac, which includes built in iSight and a new feature called Front Row that was released on the 12th.

The same trend can be observed with the iPod line. Not 4 months after the merging of the iPod and iPhoto lines, they release a video enabled iPod for the same price, and only 2 months after the color screen nano which replaced the mini. Again more functions for the same or lower price. While all these advancements in products are welcome they are coming at such a rapid pace that it is difficult for customers to keep up, and often customers feel they are being ripped off.

Not to say that everything Apple is doing is bad. In fact they are likely the most innovative company in the computing industry today. They were the first to bring us a portable, easy to use and integrated video solution. While the iPod with video support may not have the largest screen available, it is not the worst either. Incorporating content from ABC and Disney through the new iTunes software, with a video enabled iPod makes a great portable personal solution for all your audio and video needs. In the instance of the iMac G5 the front row feature, paired with 17 or 20 inch displays makes a great tv replacement, all you will need is some streaming or cable option. It would not surprise me to see dorm rooms across the country fill up with new iMac’s. Near on demand content, large screen and a remote function all on your computer in an slim out of the box configuration is likely the most appealing feature of the new system.

Apple seems to be taking us on a journey to amalgamate the computing industry with that of the home entertainment industry. Providing both the portal for content and the hardware to enjoy it on. What is next? One can only guess what the next big move will be from Apple, the next big rumor is more content from companies such as NBC and a possible new line of notebook computers in time for Christmas. It has been a hot year for the company. Let’s see what papa Job’s will bring us next!

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