Movie Exec wises up on ticket sales

Well it seems that the movie industry has finally admitted what many movie goers have said for the better part of a year now. According to this LATimes article, Sony Pictures Vice Chairman Amy Pascal admitted that she believes that the failure of the summer box office season was not due to massive downloading, or general trend in viewing behavior but has started admitting that she believes that the movies their selves are to blame. While the online community has long been under attack by the movie industry, under the umbrella of the MPAA, was lacking in quality movies and they were the real reason that movie ticket sales were down, this is the first time an senior executive of an MPAA company has openly admitted that the industry is finally accepting blame for their less than stellar performance.

Most of the movies released in the last calendar year have limited or even any appeal to most movie goers. In many cases highly hyped movies have has paper thin plot lines and were more promise than substance. Although some good movies have come out of this summer season, starting with Star Wars III (Which I found to be a huge disappointment and the ending felt rather rushed) and ending off with some decent comedy in both the Wedding Crashers and 40 Year Old Virgin, it has not been a particularly exciting or enjoyable movie season.

Hopefully this inward look will motivate the movie industry to start focusing on quality rather than quantity. The result may be fewer movies, but they may enjoy longer runs on the screens due to better viewer turn out. In the end, we are paying for the entertainment and at $10.50 (Local market prices) a head we demand more or we just won’t go.

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