KinderStart case dismissed!

In a follow up to my earlier post about the KinderStart website suing Google over its low page ranking, today I found out that the suit against Google has been dismissed. U.S. District Judge Jeremy Fogel has decided that KinderStart failed to support claims that Google was engaged in “pervasive monopolistic practices” and manually manipulated their PageRank score and regulated them to a “0” score. The result of this PageRank saw a drop of 80 percent of their revenue, which ironically is from Goggle’s AdSense program. He has left the door open to appeals, but I doubt that KinderStart will be able to prove their claim, or successfully launch a class action lawsuit against Google.

I am glad to see that this kind of legal action has failed. If every Tom, Dick and Harry was able to sue Google because they were dissatisfied with their rank, the company would be over run with lawsuits from every crack pot who thinks their relevance is greater than another.

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