Spam Challenge

Recently my good friend Mike Grouchy had commented about his new love for Google. In fact, he has become, like myself, a total Google convert. So in the spirit of his most recent challenge I am going to start the “Google Spam Challenge”.

This is how it will work for me. I have configured all the email addresses I can to automatically forward to my Gmail account. As of 12:00 last night, I had emptied my spam folder so I can see what the total accumulation of spam is in one calendar week. As of this blog post the spam count is 9 messages. This is not bad considering I have 3 other email accounts forwarded to this particular Gmail account.

In contrast I am going to see if I can compare this to Hotmail’s spam filters and see how they compare.

Make sure you check back in a week for the results, and give Mike a Digg.

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