The Gorb allows you to rate others.

When I first heard the name I thought… “What is a gorb” but I quickly found out what it was. The Gorb is a rating system for online identities. It follows in the trend of Ebay’s famous seller rating system that allows you to give feed back and help generate an overall score for online sellers. The Gorb has taken the same idea network wide by allowing anyone with an email address to be rated. Users get a professional and a personal score of their online activities and unlike other services where you have to register to give feedback, The Gorb allows for anonymous ratings.

I am unsure of the demand for such a system but this is not the only company to enter this field. Repleaf and iKarma have been struggling statups for a while now while The Gorb is a new kid on the block.

The scary thing about their product is the anonymous service they offer. Unlike other providers they allow for anonymous comments. Considering that it is hard to believe anyone would subject their selves to public scrutiny from unknown sources the site still operates and is getting some attention. The prospect of someone trashing your rep – and possibly unjustly – is just to scary for entry level users, but professional bloggers like Michael Arrington can use it to gauge his audience . I can really only see bloggers and other identities using this particular site. The average internet user would likely have no reason to participate. However, if your a small start us it could be a way to track customer satisfaction, for a professional blogger to track success, or for pure vanity.

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  1. I was Gorb’d and I was beyond disturbed by this.. I run a company and it’s my job to be a hard ass. I work 20 hours per day – and I have a ton of slackers and often times ‘lazy check collectors,’ that I have to monitor everyday. Now, two of the people that my company recently canned have started a campaign against me at

    I work very hard and all it takes is two people who didn’t cut the cake to trash my name? I am not down with this ridiculous and irresponsible site.

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