BK moves to Ad’s

March 27, 2007 Christopher 2

In my final statement about the situation faced by social community site Blue Kaffee, I am glad to see they moved to using Google ad’s. The donation drive was not generating the revenue needed to pay the debt the owner incurred on behalf of his […]

BK extends time frame

March 27, 2007 Christopher 0

So BK has extended the time frame of the donation drive by 24 hours. I am starting to think the site won’t go down because people are willing to donate to the site every time it gets in trouble. I do however feel that the […]

Blue Kaffee at risk

March 25, 2007 Christopher 6

Social community site Blue Kaffee is in trouble. Earlier this week I noticed the sites webmaster Chad Levesque has posted a message stating that site needed to raise $2000 by 10:00 NST Monday March 26 2007. Failure to do so could see the site go […]

Facebook makes online social networking work!

March 20, 2007 Christopher 0

I have been thinking about what makes Facebook so addictive. Why is it I, and many others, come back to this site day and day again. Why is Facebook enjoying more success than HI5, WAYN, Classmates.com, or any other social networking site ever did. What […]

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