Bad bulbs to be gone by 2012

April 25, 2007 Christopher 2

It is not being covered on the news today, especially in the local media, but the federal government announced today that the sale of “inefficient” bulbs will be banned by 2012. That is a 4 year and 8 months period before you will be unable […]

The events at VT got me thinking.

April 18, 2007 Christopher 1

Originally, I was going to write a piece on intellectual property in my university but during a chat over coffee with my good friend Dennis Rice I have something else one my mind. With the tragic events that have unfolded this week at Virginia Tech […]

Content is king

April 15, 2007 Christopher 0

As many of you may have noticed I have switched from using Nucleus to Word press on the advice and constant coaxing from Mike Grouchy. I will be playing with the look, and organization of the site soon enough, but for now content is king. […]

New and improved Facebook

April 11, 2007 Christopher 0

Facebook has introduced its new look and what a pleasant update! I just happened to be online last night around the time the change went down and ended up spending a few hours online checking out the new Networks pages (one for each network you […]

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