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Facebook has introduced its new look and what a pleasant update! I just happened to be online last night around the time the change went down and ended up spending a few hours online checking out the new Networks pages (one for each network you belong), the revamped navigation, and the updated Inbox which replaced My Messages.

Theses updates are sleek! I think the single best addition – aside from improved navigation – is the introduction of network pages. Now you have a single page that unites various information about people from the same Network. For instance the Memorial University network (which surprisingly many MUN students who use Facebook are NOT members of) list recent notes, upcoming events, network statistics, membership stats (2,104 users for instance), and boasts its own wall. All this information is fed from the individual profiles of the users who consist of the network.

Now if Facebook would just fix groups things would be much better! As it stands right now groups are attached to the creator and cannot exist independently. For instance if you wish to create an event for a group and invite the members of that group, lets say a local chapter of Engineers Without Borders for example, they better all be on your friends list or you won’t be able to invite them directly. This is just one of the issues I have with how groups currently function that could be improved.

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