Swimming lessons will not save you

This morning brings an interesting article from the CBC about swim lessons. According to the article – and the Safe Kids Canada organization – swim lessons alone will not save your kids from drowning.

My first reaction to this article was “DUH!!!!”. Having worked as a lifeguard – and the application of common sense – I know that children need active supervision while swimming or even playing around water. Since even the best swimmers among us can easily drown it does not seem very academic that supervision is necessary to keep your children safe. I don’t know what is more shocking; that the article states the obvious, or that it was needed to be printed at all.

The article did point out 5 great tips that every parent should know.

  • Actively supervising children.
  • Training adults in CPR, first aid and water rescue.
  • Using four-sided fencing, not three, around home pools.
  • Wearing life jackets.
  • Teaching kids to swim.

So this summer keep your kids safe and keep an eye on them!

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