Paris free?

I do not normally walk down the road of “infotainment” but this recent story has my blood boiling.

Budding billionaire Paris Hilton was arrested in September of 2006 for driving under the influence. She was given 36 months probation for her infraction and in February of this year she was caught speeding at 70mph in a 35 zone (That is 112 in a 56 zone for you Km/h folk). The bonus was part of her probation involved a suspended drivers license. So here we have what is a highly educated woman – at least one who can afford to get a high level of education – offensively breaking the law twice in a 6 month period. Her obvious disregard for the law ended up getting her a 45 day sentence in jail where she was sequestered from the general population and after 3 days of time she was released to serve the rest at home.

How is this justice? Not only did she break a law by behaving in a manner that society condones heavily (driving under the influence) but she disregards her sentence and is caught doubling the speed limit. Might I put in to context that the 35 zone was 35 for a reason, not because some person at the city hall decided they wanted people to drive slowly there. So we have a woman who is quite happy to risk people’s lives twice in a short period serving virtually no time at all. Contrast that against the hard time, not sequestered from the general population that Robert Downey Jr. did for snorting some coke.

Why is it we would send him to jail regardless of his star status but would let her basically walk free for what I consider a more serious offence (consider the results of someone stepping in front of her at that speed)? Justice was certainly blind in this case. Blind and ignorant! If it were me or you we would be rotting in jail for a few years, not a few days. I hope the public outcry is loud on this one.

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  1. Actually she was released for 3 days due to a medical condition and was then taken back to the jail again when the judge found out that one of the cops had released her. The medical condition was apparently something to do with being claustropbic and them being afraid that she was going to harm herself. Her 45 day sentence was apparently reduced into half of that as she spent her time in jail due to good behavior which would happen to anyone, not just famous people. Paris Hilton did her time and says “apparently” that she found god while she did lol. Probably more publicity.. I think she said she was going to write a book. I don’t forgive her for what she did.. but make sure that you know all the facts before condeming the woman. xoxo Savannah

  2. Check the date this was written. It was the day she was released on her apparent “medical” condition and as such had only served 3 days, it was the following day she was ordered to appear in court. Where the judge sent her back and chastised the warden for the early release.

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