iPod death watch! When will your iPod die?

Lifehacker has recently turned me onto a website to track the lifespan of your iPod, and for me the news is not good. In just over a month my little 20gig Generation 4 iPod is expected to die!. 42 days to be exact!

The iPod Death Clock is a great site if you are an owner of one of these ubiquitous devices. Only asking you 4 or 5 questions about how, or how often, you use your device and combining that information with make and model details gathered by inputting your serial number. The death clock estimates how long you have left before you have to consider another upgrade. For me the answer is obviously bleak! It is a good thing I have been considering the 16Gig iPod Touch as a replacement.

How accurate is the information? Well according to the site the battery on my iPod should be around 10% of its normal capacity. This reflects well with my actual experience recently with using my iPod. The device typically only gives 2 or 3 hours of playback before completely dieing on me.
The results page also gives a maximum expected life of 3 months before having to replace this device. While 42 days seems rather quick for me, I do not really expect it to last beyond 3 months based on my recent experiences.

iPod Death Clock comes with one disclaimer that the site is for entertainment purposes only. While they claim their repair shop statistics mirror the results they produce, they also state actual life span may vary significantly. Basically they are asking you to take their results with a grain of salt. Keeping in mind no one can predict the exact date your iPod will die.

How long do you have left on your iPod? Let us know in the comments section.

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  1. 593 days left on my iPod Nano. Considering that my almost 6 year old cell phone is still alive and kicking I wouldn’t be surprised if my iPod lasted at least another 2 full years.

  2. The Verdict

    Haha, it says Mine is hanging on by a thin thread, and it says my battery life should be around 10% but I still get 7-8 hours out of it. It is over 2 years old. I’m hoping It will make it till the second generation touch comes out. I have learned to not buy one point oh apple products. I think with the technology sharing if the touch and the phone the 2nd generation will probably be a better buy(and if the trend keeps, probably have more storage space for less money)

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