Blogs, blogs, everywhere, and too many to read!

I have too many blogs! That is right I have to come face to face with the fact I am not able to read the amount of content I currently have flooding me on a daily basis. I need to simplify what information I want and delete the rest.

By now, you are likely wondering what in the world I am raving about. The simple answer is that I am raving about Google Reader, my RSS reader. This product allows me to unify all my online – which almost is my exclusive source for the majority of content – reading. However, it has caused a daily wading through hundreds of articles, blogs, and headlines. Most of these I do not read and will never have the time to read. Many are duplicates reproduced on another feed or I will learn from in another manner. This is the biggest downside to unifying your regular reading into one source. You become overwhelmed with the volume you actually attempt to consume or you become over zealous in your subscriptions.

Because Google Reader is online, I am able to access it from any internet-connected computer, and that saves me from the trouble of having to remember which sites I am subscribed. Copying that configuration to each computer I use (work, school, laptop, etc) would become daunting. I prefer this method to downloading a client and installing it. The obvious benefit is if I remove or add a feed, I do not need to worry about duplicating the process on multiple machines.

Now back to my original problem, what can I cut to make my reading experience more enjoyable. What RSS reader are you using, and what are some of your favorite blogs? Feel free to discuss in my comment section.

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