Life update.

To all my readers I owe you an apology for not writing more often than I have been. I realize you come here to consider some of my thoughts, learn a bit about various technology issues, and possibly about me. With that said I owe you all an update to recent changes in my life.

Normally I am kept from writing on a regular basis by a hectic and often all consuming work and study schedule. Writing papers, followed by code for various courses does not lend itself to writing more on a blog. It is a poor excuse and we all know it. My work should – and does – inspire more blog entries. Many of them are recorded in a log book for later reference when I get a time to sit and write more. After a day of working and studying I am hesitant to make more time to write when I all I want to do is relax. Those days are fewer and further between.

Over the summer I started entertaining the idea of possible pushing my 5 years of academia to the back burner while focusing on my career. To further draw on the back burner image, I have not removed it from the stove altogether just giving it less of a priority and focus. Call it a preemptive move to avoid building on student dept or a desire for change, either way I began considering moving from being a full time student to a full time employee. I applied for a few positions I felt were good positions but only had a few interviews and not a lot of success in landing that critical job. The majority of my search was focused in the Metro St John’s area. It was mid summer when I received a call from Keane Inc. who was interested in recruiting me for a position with their Law and Compliance IT team. After two interviews and a few weeks waiting I was offered a position as a Senior Consultant with their Halifax office.

The benefits and salary package were competitive and came with an added bonus of a tuition coverage program that was generous enough to fully cover part time studies while working. The offer was too good to turn down and I accepted it.

I have been here a month and a half now and I am thoroughly enjoying the work. I am involved with the automation and support of several systems that help maintain legal compliance for our client. Keane has several contracts with other major corporations to supply IT development and support. Since relocating to Halifax I have been busy settling into a new city, finding a place to live, and getting situated with the position. This should help explain my lack of posting in the past few months, but my time here has generated a torrent of possible postings from job hunting, customer service, to looking for employees for your own business. Expect more on them later. Until then, keep your stick on the ice.

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