I am a VIP

February 28, 2006 Christopher 0

One of the two positions I hold this academic term is the Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP) Coordinator for the Student Volunteer Bureau. Part of my duties in this position is the planning and hosting of the annual VIP Recognition Event. This year was the third […]

New position, same organization

February 26, 2006 Christopher 1

Recently I have had the opportunity to advance with my position at Memorial University of Newfoundland. While I have not officially started my new duties yet, I will be soon moving from The Commons to the Help Desk over in the main Computing and Communications […]

A wish list for everyone

February 21, 2006 Christopher 0

From time to time friends, family or co-workers have asked me what would I like for a present. Usually it will coincide with Christmas, my birthday, or some other special event, but it always comes with the general expression that they have no idea what […]

Baby Bells and local Wi-FI

February 21, 2006 Christopher 0

Competing in the technology field is never easy. Just ask Microsoft, after rising to dominate the desktop market though ingenious contract agreements they eventually moved in to the browser market only to be slapped with an anti-trust lawsuit from the Department of Justice and several […]