$250 Challenge for the Janeway

February 28, 2007 Christopher 0

So my challenge to raise $250 for the Janeway is quite a success. So far I have raised $212 towards my goal of $250. In turn for helping me raise $250 I will shave my head at tomorrows Shave-A-Thon in the Breezeway (8:00pm). This event […]

I will shave my head for a good cause!

February 26, 2007 Christopher 2

This Thursday marks the annual Shave-A-Thon which is a fundraiser for the Janeway Foundation held by the students of Memorials residences. In particular, the Rothermere and Doyle houses in Payton College. The event is being held at the campus bar (The Breezeway) starting at 8:00pm. […]

Jobs thinks the unions and books have to go

February 18, 2007 Christopher 7

Steve Jobs – the fearless leader of Apple Inc. – has announced that he feels “unionization and lifetime employment of K-12 teachers is off-the-charts crazy,” at a recent appearance with Dell Computer founder Michael Dell. Speaking about the importance of technology in the classroom Jobs […]

Disney changes mind

February 10, 2007 Christopher 0

In a surprise move Disney has reversed its decision to close its hand drawn studios. The studios were closed in 2005 in favor of computer animated films, but after the Pixar acquisition in 2006 Disney would have had two separate groups attempting digitally rendered entertainment […]

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