Many Thanks!

So at the top of the week I issued a challenge to all my friends, co-workers, family, and classmates to help me raise $250 for the Janeway Children’s Hospital. Not only have you helped me raise $250 you surpassed it by $50 for a total of $300. This is not bad considering I have had like 4 days to pull it off. 33 amazing people/organizations made this possible and I can’t thank them enough. For their money – which I will be donating at tonights Shave-A-Thon – I’ll be losing my hair. That is right, I will go bald for the kids. As I am sure it will be funny as hell, I will be posting any video and pictures I can take/get my hands on.

Thanks to each and every one of the following for helping me do this.

Shelley Wells: $20.00
Chad Hayward: $20.00
David Goosney: $20.00
Allan Dwyer: $20.00
Marc Hollett: $20.00
Stacy Hayward: $20.00
Jeni Rowsell: $20.00
Mom and Dad: $20.00
Dennis Rice: $15.00
Chris Snow: $10.00
Melissa Hogan: $10.00
Kristie Leonard:$10.00
Julie Hannaford: $10.00
Jane Oliver: $8.00
Members of MUN UN: $8.00
Political Sciene Society: $7.00
Melissa James: $7.00
Jennifer Vatcher: $5.00
Kim Macdonald: $5.00
Scott Reid: $5.00
Shawn Pendergast: $5.00
Simon Babineau: $5.00
Members of SOTA: $4.00
Trina Porter: $4.00
Scott Andrews: $4.00
Members of SPAM: $3.00
Member of MESS: $3.00
Matthew Follett: $3.00
Jane Ryan: $2.00
Jim Pelley: $2.00
Russ Tilley: $2.00
Keith White: $2.00
Member of LGBT: $1.00

Event Details:
What: Doyle/Rothermere Shave-A-Thon
Where: The Breezeway
When: March 1st, 2007 @ 8:00pm
Why: To raise money for the Janeway Foundation
Cost: $2 advance/$3 at the door
Donation to get shaved: Minimum of $15

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